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Spotlight: Georgetown Senior Will Lowery releases a book centered around initial coin offerings and the future of fundraising

Six and a half billion dollars. That's roughly how much money startups raised through initial coin offerings in 2017. Every day startups are sidestepping the traditional venture capital fundraising model by selling virtual tokens. How can you and your startup do the same?

No two ICOs are exactly alike, so codifying a universal process would be both impossible and fruitless. With this in mind, Will Lowery's Initial Coin Offerings: Best Practices and The Future of Fundraising does not attempt to provide a step-by-step guide to ICOs. Instead, it focuses on the high-level considerations and best practices that every entrepreneur must think about when considering an ICO.

In a space often characterized by fraud and scams, this book seeks to answer the question:

How can this disruptive fundraising model be done legitimately?

With his own research and his countless interviews with industry practitioners, Will shares valuable lessons that will ensure long-term success for anyone looking to do an ICO. As the ICO space continues to grow and investors become more discerning, one thing is clear: Only legitimate ICOs will rise to the top.

Will Lowery, a senior at Georgetown University, is passionate about helping emerging blockchain companies pursue initial coin offerings. He consults startups by providing written content and editorial advice to jump-start ICO marketing strategy. He also analyzes ICOs and served as the ICO correspondent for Cryptos Weekly, a podcast covering cryptocurrency news.

During the summer of 2017, Will worked at BlackRock, the world's largest asset management firm, where coworkers introduced him to the crypto space. One day that summer, he spent way too much time on a coffee break listening to a fellow intern explain the ICO model. His interest was immediately peaked by its potential to democratize the fundraising process for emerging companies. Since then, he's been learning everything he can about the world of ICOs and harnessing that knowledge to empower companies.

Will's book is available on Amazon. Click here to purchase it now!

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