• Georgetown FinTech

  • Mission

    Georgetown FinTech aims to foster a community passionate about startups, venture capital, and organizations leveraging technology to transform the financial services industry. We represent hundreds of graduate and undergraduate students interested in financial inclusion, invest-tech, reg-tech, insur-tech, blockchain, crypto-currency, lending, alternative finance, digital banking, and a whole lot more!

    Global Perspective

    Located at the center of our nation’s capital, Georgetown FinTech will engage global leaders in government, business, technology, and society.

    Jesuit Traditions

    In Latin, we say cura personalis [care for the entire person] which means that whether we're learning, recruiting, traveling, networking, or starting a company, Georgetown FinTech will help students access the resources they need to maximize their potential.

    Hoya Community

    Driven by passion and the hoya spirit, Georgetown FinTech will leverage our community to connect students, alumni, and industry professionals through premier events, curriculum, and career opportunities.

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